3 step Gel A11

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Researched and designed by two well respected international award winning nail technicians.Thoroughly enhanced to bring you only the best,highly pigmented,long lasting EDKO 3 Step gel System.

Our unique EDKO 3 step gel Formula will provide the highest pigmentation without a single drop of dripping.

Our gel polish will last up to 3 weeks,and soaks off in 10 minutes.

Be sure to add base gel to ensure more precision and reduce lifting.

To be used on the natural nail and on extensions.


    STEP 1: EDKO Base Gel coat without wiping the tacky layer, apply a thin layer of EDKO 3step color on each finger and cure under LED lamp for 1 minute or 2 minutes under UV lamp.

    STEP 2: Repeat the same procedure on the other hand.

    STEP 3: Repeat the same process a second time without wiping the tacky layer. 

    STEP 4: Finishing: Apply EDKO Gel Super Shine (no wipe) on one hand then cure for 1 minute under a LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp.

    STEP 5: Repeat the same procedure on the other hand then apply a drop of.

    STEP 6: EDKO Cuticle Oil to all 10 fingers then massage.


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