Why a customized brush?
The Process No. 8
With its ergonomic design and silky red body, the Process No. 8 is a sports car between your fingers. Whether you are looking for an edge against your competition or looking to add luxury and style to your salon, no other brush can compare to what EdKo has accomplished with No. 8. Though extremely lightweight, (as it should be, considering it is the world’s smallest acrylic brush), No. 8 has been designed and tested to withstand 108 grams of pressure. This provides perfect weight distribution and reflects the precision that both EdKo artists strive for in their products and service. The crimping of metal that binds the brush hair in place has been redesigned for extra width, aiding you in creating the perfect smile line and controlling the ratio of powder and mix—giving you better control and saving you money long term. 

​+ World’s smallest acrylic brush
+ 100% Kolinski Hair
+ More detail about the hair quality 
+ Created and designed exclusively by EdKo 
+ Ergonomic
+ Brush hair quality
+ Lightness
+ Better control of the mixed ratio  
+ Easy to use
+ Compression hair (108 g of pressure/ 30 sec time frame)


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