EDKO Super Shine Gel serves as a finishing gel providing an incredible, wipe-freeshine. Our Super Shine Gel reinforces the strength of the nail, yet provides a flexible finish to avoid breakage on impact. This finish can be used with EDKO Process Sculpting Gel, or EDKO Powder R Evolution.


-The super shine gel is a medium viscosity finish gel .

-The EDKO super shine gel is applied as a finish after of EDKO color gel, EDKO Process Acrylic or EDKO Process Gel.

Direction of use:

- Apply EDKO super shine gel to each of your nails on one hand.

- Cure hand for 1 minute under the EDKO Pro Light LED / UV lamp.

- Repeat the same process on the other hand.

- Super shine gel does not have inhibition layer, no need to wipe.

- Apply a drop of EDKO pineapple cuticle oil, then massage into the cuticle.



Under LED lamp: 1 minute

Under UV lamp: 2 minutes

Quantity: 12ml

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